Optoelectronic directional couplers for optical switching fabrics

Period of Performance: 04/14/2010 - 06/13/2012


Phase 2 SBIR

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22 Quail Run Road
Mansfield, CT 06268
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Optical switching fabrics describe arrays of interconnected optical switches that enable input signals to be directed to output ports with optimal flexibility. Such arrays avoid the use of OE conversions and circuit-switched connections by allowing the optical data stream to pass through the fabric in its original form. As such, the fabric requires very dense, low loss switches with high speed reconfigurability. Such arrays can be realized with an MEMS mirror arrays, electro-optic (EO) (8x8 LiNbO3 demonstrated) , interferometric, digital optical, liquid crystal, bubble, acoustooptic and semiconductor amplifier switches. However currently all routing is done with circuit switching. The issues are insertion loss, crosstalk, extinction ratio, polarization dependence and scalability. For high speed operation the EO switch must be used and for integration only the semiconductor approach is viable. ODIS proposes a semiconductor directional coupler that can be scaled to lengths