Micro-ignition Components for Heavy Fuel Engines

Period of Performance: 04/07/2010 - 06/29/2012


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Precision Combustion, Inc.
410 Sackett Point Road Array
North Haven, CT 06473
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI), through a DoD Phase I SBIR, has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of catalytic glow plugs as a component enabling heavy fuels in small, high power density engines for unmanned aerial/naval/ground power systems (UAS, UMS, and UGS) and proposes continuing the success with Phase II focused on optimization, design and demonstration of an improved catalytic glow plug. This advances DoD s objective of deploying small, high power density IC and turbine engines operating on logistic heavy fuels. In Phase II, PCI, with input and assistance from interested companies, will develop catalytic coated glow plugs for high power density engines. This includes development of catalytic coatings/geometry to improve performance and durability, integration of catalytic glow plugs into small, high power density intermittent combustion engines, and adaptation of catalytic glow plugs for stabilization/relight of continuous combustion engines as small gas turbines. After completion of internal development with at least one high power density rotary engine and one gas turbine manufacturer, PCI will offer glow plug prototypes to interested manufacturers/DoD of small, high performance engines for performance and durability testing. PCI will further work to develop the support system required for catalytic glow plug implementation such as power supply integration.