MAXTHAL®: A Novel Material for Lightweight, High-Temperature, Low-Cost, Non-Rotating Turbine Engine Components

Period of Performance: 01/28/2010 - 07/28/2010


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

410 Easton Rd.
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Principal Investigator


MAXTHAL®-211 is a lightweight, machinable, oxidation resistant, easy to fabricate and low-cost material to be evaluated for components that are of complex shape and capable of surviving 1200 ºC (2200 F) or greater as required for hot-section non-rotating turbine engine applications. MAXTHAL®-211 is a derivative of Ti2AlC where the chemistry is modified (proprietary) and fine alumina particles are dispersed at the grain boundaries to improve the high temperature strength and creep resistance. It can be easily formed into complex shapes either by conventional machining or by net-shape fabrication methods such as injection molding or slip casting followed by pressureless sintering. With a density of 4.0 g/cm3, MAXTHAL-211 is lighter than Titanium. It has an operating temperature of 1400 ºC in air due to the formation of protective Al2O3 layer. The material has outstanding thermal shock resistance and damage tolerance. MAXTHAL®-211 can operate at 1400ºC for more than 5,000 h. Preliminary results also show significant improvement in compressive strength at 1200ºC. We propose to optimize the composition to reach the target 500h stress rupture of 50 MPa at 1200ºC while maintaining the manufacturability and oxidation resistance.