Magazine Lightweight Synthetic Decking

Period of Performance: 04/27/2010 - 11/04/2010


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Space Coatings, Inc.
2131 Napa Street
Richmond, CA 94804
Principal Investigator


SCI (Space Coatings Inc.) shall leapfrog the performance of latex concrete with the development of an advanced lightweight synthetic composite system. The system will provide a featherweight yet extremely durable level working surface for shipboard ordnance handling and stowage. This decking system is tentatively codenamed EFFECT Extremely Functional Featherweight Engineered Composite Technology. EFFECT will meet and exceed Navy demands. On the best of US Navy vessels, EFFECT will showcase the prowess of American innovation with these highlighted features: 1) Cost effective EFFECT lifecycle cost is much lower than that of latex concrete. 2) Unsurpassed durability repeated MIL-D-21631 tests will leave nominal/no marks on EFFECT. 3) Lifetime service expected 50+ years. 4) Lightweight Although EFFECT is so tough, it weighs only 2.35 lbs per square foot at 1 thick. 5) Easily installed, removed or repaired if a serious catastrophic event occurred, EFFECT would need only a quick repair patch. 6) Sustainable/eco-friendly, Cradle-to-Cradle design EFFECT is green. It uses both waste and recycled materials, while it can be reborn as backyard/roof decking, after the naval vessel is decommissioned and scrapped. To achieve these, EFFECT synergizes the latest verifiable technologies, which are supported by many scientific papers.