Digital Synthesizer with Tuning Filter for Advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) Application

Period of Performance: 11/24/2009 - 02/24/2012


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

RBS Technologies, LLC
2703 Sycamore Ridge Ct
Beavercreek, OH 45431
Principal Investigator


There is a critical need for a low power, fast tuning, broad bandwidth digital frequency synthesizer for applications to advanced electronic warfare systems. Current Direct Digital Synthesizers (DDS) consume too much power are too large for space and airborne applications where power and size are critical factors. An integrated DDS is needed that 1) exploits submicron integrated circuit technology to meet power and size constraints, and 2) defines new approaches for the DDS architecture so that goals for tuning range, spur free dynamic range (SFDR), time to switch frequencies (tuning time), and tuning frequency resolution can be achieved. RBS Technologies LLC and its subcontractors plan to pursue an innovative DDS architecture which would be implemented in submicron CMOS technology to meet the stringent objectives specified in the SBIR topic description. The proposed DDS architecture eliminates the need for some of the standard components in a conventional DDS which are bottlenecks to achieving the desired spectral purity (SPDR), tuning range, and frequency switching times. BENEFIT: High performance compact low power Digital Synthesizers are a critically needed item at the present time and the demand will become stronger in the future. The application focus of this research effort is for Air Force advanced electronic warfare systems, but successful demonstration of a low power implementation of a integrated circuit digital synthesizer will also spur future R&D for Army and Navy EW applications. Fast tuning digital synthesizers have a number of commercial applications including avioncs and wireless communications.