Embedded Virtual Driver Training Technologies

Period of Performance: 08/23/2008 - 06/11/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Oasis Advanced Engineering, Inc.
3200 Cross Creek Parkway
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Principal Investigator


Oasis has developed a conceptual design for a driver s periscope capable of switching between 1) the normal optical view of the battlefield, 2) a combined view similar to an aircraft Head-Up Display (HUD), and 3) a synthetic image for displaying sensor imagery or a simulated battlefield. This device is known as a Switchable Vision Block (SVB). Under this SBIR Phase II, Oasis will enhance the device as follows: 1) the display image will be collimated, 2) a FLIR sensor will be physically and electronically integrated, and 3) the design will be a permanent direct replacement for the standard M17 periscope with similar optical performance. The M17 is used in the Stryker and Bradley driver s hatches, the Bradley commander s station and squad compartment, and many other vehicles. Oasis SVB design is unique in that it has no moving parts. It utilizes an Electronically Switchable Mirror (ESM), thereby increasing reliability. The objectives of the Phase II program are to design, build, and test fully functional prototypes of the subject device; evaluate the human-factors aspects; investigate the producibility, maintainability, and reliability of the device; and determine the impacts to the host vehicle.