Structurally Embedded Power and Signal Cabling for Air Vehicles

Period of Performance: 12/07/2009 - 07/30/2011


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Odyssian Technology, LLC
511 East Colfax Avenue
South Bend, IN 46545
Principal Investigator


Odyssian Technology proposes to develop multifunctional power-structure technology for use in high performance military aircraft. Power-structure technology will involve the symbiotic coupling of structural stiffening with electrical interconnect functionality. This technology will ultimately result in higher performance air vehicles having reconfigurable or self-healing electrical power conductor grids and signal conductor networks embedded within advanced composite structures. The relatively large-area of the air vehicle structure will free-up design constraints by providing significantly larger area to allow for placement of highly redundant conductor networks and to provide greater surface area for improved thermal management. New structural configurations and material system designs will provide improved protection and insulation of the embedded electrical conductors. Novel ingress / egress concepts are proposed for connection of the structurally embedded electrical conductors and tubing or raceways to outside systems. Such concepts offer a variety of possible approaches for connection that are often derivatives or variations of existing proven connection methods. Concepts are also presented that offer the potential for reducing support structures, such as avionic racks. BENEFIT: Multifunctional structure with embedded electrical conductor interconnects will reduce purchase price or acquisition costs of land, air, and space vehicles by eliminating part count and the cost of protective jackets (i.e., harnesses), support brackets, clips, assembly, and installation In addition, weight and volume is reduced to improve system performance and operating efficiencies. Commercial applications exist in both the military and private sectors. Several emerging military platforms have an immediate need to minimize weight, volume, and cost. Private sector applications that are particularly sensitive to weight, volume, and cost include automobiles, recreational vehicle, satellites, and commercial aircraft.