Co-Simulation Software for Rapid Prototyping of Vehicle Cooling Systems

Period of Performance: 12/29/2008 - 12/29/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Computational Sciences, LLC
8000 Madison Blvd., Suite D102-351
Madison, AL 35758
Principal Investigator


Use of virtual, simulation-base prototyping is starting to routinely be used to streamline and optimize the design of vehicle cooling systems. A new generation of integrated simulation tools is however needed to effectively deal with the evolving complexities of the new cooling system designs. This proposal addresses this need. In Phase I we have developed and demonstrated a novel software capability for performing system analysis based on co-simulation concepts, and a unique approach enabling automatic, on-line optimization of cooling system operation. We have used a general engine model to delineate thermal response of the cooling system to different loads and engine speeds. In Phase II the developed prototype tools will be refined, and additional features will be added to enable designers to graphically prototype a system, optimize its functionality and distribute the analysis data from a single GUI. Using appropriate scaling a universal engine model will be developed allowing thermal analysis of a wide class of diesel powerplants. The tools will be validated and demonstrated on selected vehicle configurations selected in consultation and collaboration with the Army.