Measuring Learning and Development in Cross-Cultural Competence

Period of Performance: 02/17/2009 - 02/16/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

361 Interactive, LLC
40 South Main Stret
Springboro, OH 45066
Principal Investigator


Contemporary operating environments require more cross-cultural interaction than ever before. Cross-cultural competence is critical to mission success, and traditional competence frameworks do not consider the unique demands of Army Soldiers. In Phase 1, a preliminary developmental stage model of Army mission-centric competence was developed. This model describes affective, behavioral and cognitive competence development from general, to task-oriented, to mission-centric performance and is based on the mission demands of Army Soldiers in cross-cultural environments. The model further incorporates several cultural and expertise-development frameworks. In Phase 2, this model will be applied across Army mission sets, modified, and validated. A blended approach will be taken to develop an assessment methodology that will include self-report measures, situational judgment tests, scenarios, and other metrics. The model and metrics will serve as the basis for the Cross-Cultural Assessment Tool (C-CAT), an online program that will assess an individual Soldier s cross-cultural competence and provide customized, usable feedback. C-CAT will provide Soldiers with mission-relevant competence ratings, descriptions of individual strengths/weaknesses and how they can impact mission performance, and guidelines for suggested training interventions. Leaders and trainers will also be able to review assessment data at the individual or unit levels.