Field Emitters by Nanovacuum GaN Pyramids

Period of Performance: 04/15/2004 - 04/15/2005


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Qxwave, Inc.
1313 Goddard SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Principal Investigator


The III-V nitrides with outstanding thermal and chemical stability are promising materials systems for vacuum microelectronics and field emission devices applications such as Flat Panel Displays (FPD) because of their high emission current, long life time, negative electron affinity, ability of n-type doping, high temperature and irradiation-resistance. The objective of this proposal is to grow and characterize wide band semiconductors GaN/AlGaN/BN nanoscale tips on nanopatterned Si-wafer by MOVPE. Vacuum electronics devices such as Flat Panel Displays will be demonstrated by GaN tip arrays. Nanopatterned Si-wafers will be employed as substrates for growth of GaN nanoscale tips. The nanometer pads for selective growth will significantly reduce the dislocation defects of grown films. The larger area of nanpatterned Si wafer area plus the ability of integration with Si microelectronics also will significantly reduce the cost of manufacture. The Scanning Electronic Microscope, Atomic Force Microscope and X-ray will be used to characterize the crystalline and microstructure of the tips. Electrical testing of I-V emission Fowler-Nordheim (F-P) relationship for the emitters is performed in high vacuum chamber. Successful accomplishment of Phase I will lead to a follow-on Phase II effort where further development and commercialization of devices such as Flat Panel Displays will take place.