Measuring and Mapping Political Will

Period of Performance: 12/09/2008 - 12/09/2010


Phase 2 STTR

Recipient Firm

Longbow, LLC
1313 N. Greenbrier Street
Arlington, VA 22205
Principal Investigator
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Research Institution

Fund for Peace
11th Floor1701 K Street NW
Washngton DC, DC 20006
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The Longbow and Fund for Peace Evidence-based Model for Assessing Political Will (E-MAP) employs an epidemiological approach utilizing a unique framework that surveys a country's environment and deconstructs the main elements of political will: the stakeholders, their rationales and leverage to determine attitudes and influence. This methodology includes a modified typology of states based on the existing USAID models; a patented Fund for Peace software analytical tool providing analysis of the political, social, and economic environment; and policy-level inquiry that will assist users via an empirically-based decision making process. E-MAP maps the attitudes and influence of critical stakeholders with regard to specific policy issues. With this information, the US can weigh alternative actions and options for specific outcomes. This is a dynamic process allowing persisting and changing factors to be considered over time. The E-MAP methodology can be utilized by the USG for democratization, development, counter-proliferation, stabilization and counterterrorism, by local governments forging collaborative policies for regional or inter-state development projects, and by the private sector seeking investment or trade opportunities in international environments. The ultimate utility of E-MAP is the flexible framework that can be customized to reflect ever-changing political realities and goals.