Super Long Carbon Nanotubes for Manufacturing Electrical Fiber

Period of Performance: 06/23/2009 - 09/23/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

General Nano LLC
176 Mentor Ave. Ste 170
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Principal Investigator


The objectives of the Phase II project are to optimize nanotube fabrication techniques, scale up production of long carbon nanotubes, spin the nanotubes into electrical fiber that is stronger and lighter than copper wire, and form carbon electronic components that can be integrated into electrical power system applications. Three unique technologies are being developed that will allow mass production of high quality electrical fiber and components: (i) synthesis of centimeters long double wall carbon nanotubes called Black CottonTM using a revolutionary approach consisting of a composite catalyst, a nozzle substrate, and a specially designed nanofurnace; (ii) post treatment to heal defects and improve the properties of Black Cotton; and (iii) spinning Black Cotton into fiber using existing and widely available industrial cotton spinning technology which is only possible using long nanotubes. Our vision for the Phase II project is not just to show that one company can scale up production of electrical fiber, but, more preferably, to start a whole new industry where any company can purchase a commercial nanofurnace, license the technology to grow Black Cotton, and begin producing electrical fiber and components using two-thousand year old cotton spinning technology. BENEFITS: Carbon nanotube spun fiber will provide many benefits including strengthening the defense of the United States, improving the US economy, increasing transportation safety, opening up exploration of space, and providing new electronic materials for nanomedicine.