The X-ray Mega-Volt X-Ray Digital Imaging Inspection System

Period of Performance: 01/04/2005 - 07/05/2005


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Skiametrics, Inc.
19 Glengarry Rd.
Winchester, MA 01890
Principal Investigator


The X-ray Imaging Module (XIM) is a compact, efficient, inexpensive imager component that can be ganged with other XIMs to produce very high spatial resolution seamless images over very large areas, over 2 meters in a single dimension, if necessary. XIM provides fast, deep-dynamic range, low-noise calibrated digital readouts at a user-selectable/motion-coordinated rate, enabling virtually all reconstructive imaging applications, such as CT, TDI, and laminography. XIMs are easily constructed from existing components and subsystems and do not require any exotic technologies. Even at high x-ray energies, XIMs are radiation resistant. Skiametrics will design and build one XIM module, experimentally demonstrate edge-to-edge sensitivity and the ability to seamlessly stitch together sub-images produced by individual XIMs, as well as measuring the usual x-ray imaging characteristics, thereby validating the entire XIM-ganging concept. Phase I will incorporate software for data acquisition and control of XIM readout, and for analysis. Software specification for use of XIM with a standard application interface, e.g., LabView/MatLab, will be provided. The option program addresses developing an initial set of generally configurable tools for reconstructive imaging and will demonstrate one such application. Our approach emphasizes astute calibration techniques, tested algorithms, and lack of dependence on a single technology or provider.