High System-Power Density Flow Battery for Advanced Modular, Energy Storage Technology

Period of Performance: 07/16/2009 - 01/27/2010


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

FC & Associates
44713 Fir RoadPO Box 1064
Gold Bar, WA 98251
Principal Investigator


To meet the requirements for a next-generation, shipboard-compliant energy storage system, this SBIR Phase I project will prove the feasibility of a unique flow battery technology that combines a battery s ability to produce a high system-power density with a fuel cell s unique capability to utilize a high-energy-density fuel. FC&A s Phase I objective is to demonstrate the flow battery concept by identifying the best polyoxometalate/catalyst combination and assembling these into a prototype single anode half-cell that produces sufficient current density in the presence of 4,000ppm sulfur to produce power. Unlike existing technologies, our flow battery, or Flow Cell, is small and can be recharged like a battery or refueled with the Navy s standard logistics fuels (DFM and JP-5). These unique Flow Cell capabilities will enable the Navy to realize its aim of developing more electric Navy fleets, which increases survivability and provides an uninterrupted electrical power supply. Phase I success will lead to a Phase II project focused on fabricating a prototype Flow Cell system and conducting validation testing under practical load profiles. Based on Phase II results, the FC&A R&D team will propose installation, maintenance, repair, and regeneration methodologies and will complete a thorough cost/benefit analysis.