Advanced Canopy and Window Materials for Improved Helicopter and Aircrew Survivability

Period of Performance: 07/06/2009 - 01/06/2010


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

United Protective Technologies, LLC
142 Cara Court
Locust, NC 28097
Principal Investigator


Since the inception of radar over 50 years ago, development of battlefield detection and sensing methods has increased dramatically. All methods of detection and sensing that transmit, distribute, or utilize electrical energy can be sources of EMI. Of these sources of EMI, radio frequency energy can cause significant disruption to the operation and performance of aircraft avionics and pose a potential threat to aircrews of the affected aircraft due to exposure through the aircraft canopy. Another device, the low power laser, also poses an exposure danger. The laser can be targeted at the aircrew through the canopy and be used as a weapon by reducing the vision of the person(s) the laser is directed at. United Protective Technologies (UPT) will address these considerations by using a wealth of experience and a company history of laminate based protection of military windows. UPT will seek to incorporate a cost effective, multiple airframe solution capable of reducing or eliminating the threats posed by EMI and laser interference while maintaining the desired optical properties. UPT currently produces a sacrificial windscreen laminate for erosion protection and has obtained airworthiness on multiple airframes.