Quality Testing of Coated Fibers

Period of Performance: 02/03/2009 - 11/03/2009


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Performance Polymer Solutions, Inc.
2711 Lance Drive
Moraine, OH 45409
Principal Investigator


This Phase I Small Business Innovative Research Program will develop, demonstrate, and validate a destructive test methodology that can be used to assess the quality of coated ceramic fibers employed in the manufacture of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). CMCs represent a high performance materials technology critical to the performance of future Air Force and other Department of Defense weapons systems, as well as commercial aerospace, nuclear power, and advanced turbines. In continuous fiber reinforced CMCs, properly engineered fiber coatings, which often consist of multiple layers, and coating quality, are critical to controlling the mechanical properties and oxidative stability of these high temperature composite materials. BENEFIT: A quick, straightforward testing system and method that will provide coating quality for coated ceramic fibers will have a direct and immediate impact on the F-35 program and other systems where ceramic matrix composites are being considered for implementation. Industry has already expressed a need for this technology, so this solicitation is important and timely. We intend to develop a testing system, associated software package, and sample preparations stages under the Phase I and Phase II programs that we can market to CMC fabricators and prime defense contractors who fabricate and use ceramic matrix composites. Testing and analysis facilities as well as nationwide universities are also potential customers of the ceramic composite fiber coating analysis system. An ASTM Standard will be proposed to analyze single and multi-layer fiber coatings using the techniques developed under this effort.