Passive Mixing Enhancers for Improved Flame Spreading and Propagation

Period of Performance: 03/24/2009 - 12/24/2009


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Engineering Research & Analysis CO.
340 SENTINEL OAK DRIVE 1173 Lyons Road
Dayton, OH 45458
Principal Investigator


A new inovative passive mxing enhancer design concept is proposed for development and implementation in either turbine engine augmentor and/or main combustor. The design concept utilzes certain geometrical features to create and induce significant amounts of axial vorticity that leads to enhanced mixing and flame stabilization mainly for turbine engines augmentors and combustors. BENEFIT: The proposed novel ppassive mixing concept will improve either fuel-air mixing, combustion products-air-fuel mixing, and flame stabilization for both augmentors and combustors with very little total pressure drop. Such a design concept would provide the needed mixing enhancements in advanced military augmentors and combustors, hence improve augmentor and combustor ignition, LBO, and flame stabilization at a fraction of a total pressure drop that will be required for other design concepts.