Small UAV Accurate Geolocation and Discrimination

Period of Performance: 02/20/2009 - 05/19/2010


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Azure Summit Technology, Inc.
3050 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 600 Array
Fairfax, VA 22030
Principal Investigator


In this Phase I effort, Azure Summit will develop a modular and scalable systems concept for SUAV payloads to perform RF Geolocation of broad classes of radar and communications emitters from 100-18000 MHz, across payload SWAP ranges, number of sensors, and signal environments, maximizing hardware and software reuse. We will select a set of geolocation algorithms and CONOPS which apply and scale across the range of SUAV sizes, signal types, and number of sensors. We will also develop a system-level analysis and trade study relating SUAV payload SWAP constraints to emitter detection, characterization, discrimination, and geolocation performance metrics. A set of hardware payload designs which address the full range of SUAV sizes and CONOPS, and share a common geolocation software architecture will be developed, along with a preliminary payload design for the smallest SUAV class (e.g., Raven B) geolocation payload, emphasizing communications emitter targets and single-platform organic operation, to be prototyped and tested in Phase II. Finally, we will develop a Phase II prototype implementation and demonstration plan and a set of technical performance goals that will be met in the demonstration. BENEFIT: Azure will work with the Air Force to ensure that the technologies to be developed in this SBIR are targeting appropriate commercialization applications, such as snap-on standard payload pods which bring new mission possibilities to existing SUAV deployments.