Fiber-Optic RF Distribution (FORD) & Digital Control Signals Network Across a PCB in GPS User Eqpt

Period of Performance: 05/06/2009 - 08/06/2011


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nuwaves Ltd.
122 Edison Drive
Middletown, OH 45044
Principal Investigator


High performance RF circuits found in highly robust GPS user equipment are especially sensitive to inter-board electromagnetic interference, which results in spurious signals and poor circuitto-circuit isolation. NuWaves innovative solutions will be applied to designing and developing state-of-theart miniature Fiber Optic RF Distribution (FORD) and Digital Control Signals Network (DCSN)modules. NuWaves will leverage its success from the Phase I effort to deliver innovative high-performance fiber optic transmitter and receiver modules that simultaneously distribute multiple high-speed digital signals and radio frequencies. This effort will produce new technologies and innovative hardware that reduces inter-board EMI and advances RF Photonic technologies. Improvements in state-of-the-art will be had by utilizing NuWaves Dual Carrier Multi-Modulation, High Fidelity Auto Lasing, High Fidelity Auto Recover, and Fiber Grip technologies applied to digital and RF fiber distribution networks. It is anticipated that dramatic improvements in circuit-to-circuit isolation, reduced on-board EMI/RFI, and lower spurious spectral content on RF and digital circuit card assemblies will be realized. At the projects end, NuWaves will deliver miniature PCB mount modules that are production ready. BENEFIT: The miniature high-performance RF and digital distribution modules enable new printed circuit board designs that eliminate on-board radio frequency interference by providing high circuit to circuit isolation. NuWaves'' innovative and flexible FORD/DSCN techniques have significant commercialization potential not only in the Department of Defense (DoD) operational and tactical missions but can be exploited throughout the entire RF design community including: cellular, communications, SATCOM, GPS, CATV, and other applications that require a low-cost method for distributing RF and digital control signals without interference or degradation.