Innovative Shape Memory Materials Process Techniques for Microelectronic Device Packaging

Period of Performance: 02/29/2008 - 02/28/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

M3techcenter, LLC
45421 Glengarry Blvd.
Canton, MI 48188
Principal Investigator


Shape memory materials have shown great potential in MEMS applications, including improved packaging structural performance and reliability. In this Phase II study new shape memory material processing and manufacturing technology will be developed, i.e. a combined reaction synthesize and net-shape forming technique (CSF-tech) to fabricate shape memory components at low cost and high performance. Related techniques associated with this method includes the use of severe deformation for material homogenization and refinement, micro/nano composite development, and the use of shape memory effect for reduced and fully reservable/repeatable hysteresis for improved MEMS packaging reliability. The technique will be implemented in the fabrication of a prototype new class of micro-fasteners with high effeciency in assembly/disassembly. The proposed approach and objectives will resolve critical issues of MEMS packaging performance and reliability, and will provide low-cost/high efficiency SMM manufacturing method for broad applications.