Small Scale Cryogenic Refrigeration Technology

Period of Performance: 05/30/2008 - 05/16/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Virtual Aerosurface Technologies
575 14th Street, Suite 1375
Atlanta, GA 30318
Principal Investigator


Virtual AeroSurface Technologies, in collaboration with Raytheon Company and Georgia Tech, proposes a Phase II SBIR program for the development and prototyping of a small-scale compressor with design specifications intended for use with prospective small-scale cryocooler systems. This compressor will based upon a moving-magnet concept down-selected at the end of the Phase I program. The Phase II work will focus on the advanced design and optimization of key subsystems including the overall electromagnetic design (including the relative locations and geometries of magnets, back irons, and coils investigated through experimental prototyping and parametric studies using finite element analysis), a MEMS based coil fabrication approach (allowing for higher coil packing density than conventional approaches and utilizing a novel approach to convert 2-D fabrication structures into 3-D arrays), and the working fluid interface and seal (to be down-selected among diaphragm and piston based concepts based upon effectiveness and manufacturability). The optimized system components will be tested for outgassing and key integration concerns and combined into a fully functional prototype for which performance characterization and endurance testing will be undertaken. Compatibility with prospective small-scale cryocooler thermal elements will be insured through systems analysis using modeling and experimental results from other related ongoing programs.