Advanced Cooling for Satellite Communications On-the-Move Antennas

Period of Performance: 11/20/2008 - 05/20/2009


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Technology Applications, Inc.
5700 Flatiron Parkway, Suite #5701A
Boulder, CO 80301
Principal Investigator


Technology Applications, Inc. proposes a Modular Antenna Cooling System to address the profile (height) issue related to the heat exchanger package. The proposed solution uses active as well as passive cooling elements with design features aimed at reducing or eliminating contact resistance. The modular design allows for the base passive system to be used alone for low heat rejection applications. An active cooling option can be added to the base passive cooling system to allow for higher cooling capacity. During Phase I, the proposed cooling system will be designed and alternate cooling solutions explored. A breadboard cooler will be built to demonstrate the base concept. Manufacturing and test plans will be prepared for a prototype cooling system in Phase II.