Sensor Synchronization Technologies

Period of Performance: 10/21/2004 - 04/22/2005


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Williams-pyro, Inc.
20 Grenleaf St.
Fort Worth, TX -
Principal Investigator


Williams-Pyro, Inc. proposes to develop a Synchronous Smart Sensor Network (S3Net) system with standardized time-synchronization protocols capable of handling inputs from a multitude of sensors onboard ships. Terrorist threats and other examples of asymmetric warfare are replacing traditional nation-to-nation threats. This new form of military threat requires an integrated information architecture that facilitates a timely distribution of sensor events to a diverse set of shipboard, first responder, local, and national recipients, which will result in improved health monitoring of system components or damage control critical to the survival of a warship and the safety of the crew. S3Net will process and collect data from existing mature sensors using time synchronization protocols based on IEEE 1451 standards and open architecture, wherein each smart sensor determines the sample timing based on the trigger or time obtained from the synchronization clock. The association of the data values and their time stamps will be performed at each sensor.