Mid-Infrared Fiber-Optic Switch for IRCM Laser Applications

Period of Performance: 07/22/2008 - 01/22/2010


Phase 2 STTR

Recipient Firm

Irflex Corp.
300 Ringgold Industrial Parkway
Danville, VA 24540
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Sponsored Programs 0170
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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Current directed infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) systems integrate a mid-infrared laser with a pointer-tracker (P/T) head as a mated pair, comprising a single replaceable unit. The P/T head directs the laser power to the approaching threats: surface-launched and air-launched infrared-guided missiles. The protection of tactical aircrafts from infrared-guided threats requires separate DIRCM systems located around the host aircraft to cover all fields of view. Today each mid-infrared laser for DIRCM costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars, measures about 13 inches in diameter x 3 inches high, and weighs approximately 10 lbs. The electric power supply for each laser has about the same size and weight. Also each laser needs a separate cooling subsystem. The overall cost, volume and weight of current DIRCM systems required for full aircraft protection are excessively large. The proposed work will further develop a unique fiber-optic switch technology for switching multi-band high power mid-infrared laser from an input port to any of several output fibers with minimum insertion loss. Phase II effort will work on all the technical aspects required to fabricate a compact ruggedized mid-infrared (2-5 micron) fiber-optic switch suitable for DIRCM applications in a military aviation environment.