Configurable Dynamic Strain System

Period of Performance: 09/29/2008 - 09/30/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Streamline Automation, LLC
3100 Fresh Way SW Array
Huntsville, AL 35805
Principal Investigator


The AEDC Engine Test Facility (ETF) has more than 20 test cells that can be used for testing prototype propulsion systems and components. The testing of propulsion systems requires significant data acquisition capabilities, with one test utilizing more than 4200 channels of instrumentation, including 200 dynamic strain gages. In response to the sheer set-up challenge, AEDC has developed the concept of Snap-In/Snap-Out sensors in which each sensor is close-coupled to electronics sufficient to control the sensor and convert analog output to digital data that is transmitted over a network for recording and processing. This concept closely mirrors that of smart transducers described in IEEE Standard 1451 that defines the Smart Transducer Interface Module that interacts with a sensor, contains a Transducer Electronic Data Sheet with information required to convert raw output into engineering units, and that communicates with a Network Capable Application Processor that transmits collected data over a conventional network. The proposed effort will focus on the development, fabrication and assembly, and testing of a complete prototype system capable of operation with 24 strain gages. The system will be designed for easy expansion to 200 strain gages or more. Testing will be performed in a relevant environment to demonstrate the suitability of the system for use in AEDC test cells.