Reliable Portable Device for Inspection and Assessment of Guy Cables Supporting Tall Structures

Period of Performance: 09/26/2008 - 02/25/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Quest Integrated, Inc.
19823 58th Place S
Kent, WA 98032
Principal Investigator


Corrosion within guy cables is a significant problem to the Navy. It is particularly difficult because the corrosion often initiates from within the cable and may not be visually apparent from the outside. Of course even if the corrosion was visually apparent from the outside, installed guys can only be visually inspected through the use of a telescope from the ground. This problem is not limited to Navy antennas. There are many other guyed commercial antennas as well as other structures around the world that are aging and suffering corrosion issues. QUEST plans to develop a crawler and a separate towed inspection vehicle that can be installed on the guy at ground level and then climb the full length of the guy and return. Inspection results from the guy can be then analyzed. Separating the crawler from the inspection vehicle provides a general purpose device that could carry any properly configured payload to the top of the guy.