Automated Optimized Resource Allocation and Scheduling for RealTime Battle Management Target Scheduling

Period of Performance: 07/24/2008 - 06/30/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Signature Analytics LLC
1825 Duffield Lane
Alexandria, VA 22307
Principal Investigator


In the Phase 1 Feasibility Study, we examined weapon-target engagement scheduling problem, and developed a rapid software prototype to demonstrate automated, optimized, scheduling with the use of simulated realistic missile battle scenarios. Scheduling of an intercept launch was predicated on the engageability and lethality of the weapon-target pairings: Lethal intercept opportunities for all weapon-target pairs were determined first, the data were then used in scheduling. A scheduler assigns, for each target, the optimal time slot for the launch of the most effective interceptor by de-conflicting the weapon resource and time requirements among all intercept possibilities, based on target priority, weapon availability, intercept lethality and cost. The schedulers utilized in the Phase 1 operate in batch mode, the schedules generated are static and are not responsive to the dynamics of the battle environment. They are useful for non-real-time battle planning, but not for real time battle management operations. For Phase 2, we propose to develop a incremental scheduler system for the fast changing and uncertain real time missile battle environment. The scheduling software will be developed with real time incremental schedule updates triggered by threat target events or task execution feedback. The software architecture will enable schedule coordination among distributed command centers. Human machine interface will be developed to allow user modification of a schedule in parallel with automated scheduling. The problem model will be expanded to address sensor-resource allocation/scheduling to support the weapon-target engagement events. To the extent possible, the problem model will designed for the anticipated BMDS battle management command and execution architecture for the real time control and monitoring of missile battle operations.