Passive Noise Reduction Technology to Improve Speech Intelligibility and Reduce Noise for Pilot and Deck Crew Helmet Mounted Systems

Period of Performance: 07/17/2008 - 07/17/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Communications & EAR Protection, Inc.
PO Box 3111743700 Salem Road
Enterprise, AL 36331
Principal Investigator


The following task is to be executed under work in support of NAVAIR and Office of the Secretary Defense (OSD). These tasks are in support of further research and development of hearing protector devices, communication subsystems, and hardware assemblies that are capable of improving noise attenuation and communication functions for personnel working with the target platforms. The research, development, acquisition, and support of the Communications Ear Plug (CEP) technologies are critical to the success of the Navy s aircraft launch and recovery missions. Successful completion of this work will result in decreased noise exposures, improved communication for the aviator, onboard the flight deck and better overall mission completion in hostile noise environments. This effort will be directed at enhancing and completing the design of insert communications devices, custom molded ear tips and expanding foam ear tips. Specialized communications devices will be configured to meet performance requirements for Carrier Deck intercommunications, swimmer radios. Hear-through systems will be integrated into carrier deck helmet systems in order to evaluate the effacacy of level translation to improve face-to-face communications.