A Light-weight, Rugged, Low-volume, Ku/Ka SATCOM Antenna for Mobile Applications

Period of Performance: 05/27/2008 - 05/27/2010


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Nanosonic, Inc.
158 Wheatland Drive Array
Pembroke, VA 24136
Principal Investigator


Through this Phase II SBIR program, NanoSonic would optimize materials and processes to produce a manufacturable, robust, and highly integrated phased array antenna. NanoSonic will work with the USMC and a major defense contractor to establish the needed antenna characteristics that will satisfy the system aspects of this mobile SATCOM application. With the antenna engineering performed and suitable elements and array geometry identified, NanoSonic would build on the success of the Phase I program and design, simulate and construct elements, subarrays and the dual-band aperture. NanoSonic would apply the novel Metal Rubber electromagnetic bandgap waveguide to house unique phase shifters and for use in the excitation of a dual-band patch array through coupling apertures. Furthermore, NanoSonic would apply its inkjet patterning process and proprietary dielectric materials for the efficient production of these radiating elements, frequency selective surfaces and dielectric substrates in a highly integrated multilayer structure. The full integration with a protective radome and an ultrahydrophobic coating for rapid water-shedding would produce a highly reliable antenna structure resistant to delamination and other failures, thus ensuring the highest capabilities once deployed. In each case, these efforts would be proposed to be combined into an efficient and robust production method.