Processing for Flexible Sensors

Period of Performance: 03/27/2008 - 12/27/2008


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

SET Assoc. Corp.
1005 N. Glebe Rd.Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22201
Principal Investigator


AFRL/RWGI seeks performance and cost improvements by pursuing a Guidance Integrated Fuzing (GIF) approach that will enable a single sensor to supply the information requirements for tracking the target from detecting the target through fuzing the weapon. Judicious selection of sensor and clever application of algorithms will enhance the sensor system s ability to trade off spatial and temporal resolution to enable this revolutionary breakthrough. Current seeker and fuzing sensors are developed separately and each optimized to its intended function. This can lead to increased cost and complexity of the systems, greater SWAP demands (which drives up cost), and increased logistics cost. The key to our approach lies in seeking optimal digital solutions that enhance sensor resolution capability and explicitly enable the system to trade spatial resolution and contrast against temporal resolution. This will stretch the operating range to span the requirements from detecting targets at long range to high rate low latency target position update for fuzing.