On site sterilizing solution production system

Period of Performance: 04/15/2008 - 12/18/2009


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Cascade Designs
4000 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134
Principal Investigator


Chlorine bleach (a 6% solution of sodium hypochlorite in) is the main disinfectant used in the food service and food production industry. It is also used for water supply treatment. It is inexpensive and available in many parts of the world. The very property that makes it such a good chemical disinfectant also causes problems with shelf life and storage. It is a strong oxidizer; storage container integrity and spills are constant concerns and effective shelf life can be as little as 3 months. This causes major problems for pre-deployment stock storage, stock rotation, staging, shipping, on-site storage and, in the final analysis, reliability regarding disinfectant and sanitization effectivity. Functioning as a direct replacement for commercial bleach, on-site production of mixed oxidants can potentially address these problems. Requiring only water, salt and electricity, such a system would not require the storage, transportation, or use of hazardous chemicals. In addition, a mixed oxidant system could be compact in size, and have low maintenance and life cycle costs. The research that is proposed to evaluate the potential for such a system is seen to build on an extensive base of knowledge that exists in the water treatment and purification industry.