Rapid and Accurate Idea Transfer

Period of Performance: 02/04/2008 - 10/30/2008


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Harmonia, Inc.
2020 Kraft Drive, Suite 2400 Array
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Principal Investigator


Using our 50+ person-years of experience with presentation briefing for Fortune 500 companies and DoD, XML processing, and HCI tool design, we aim to dramatically improve the effectiveness, analytic quality, and accuracy of conveying complex ideas, plans, quantitative analysis, and concepts through asynchronous or synchronous briefings. We make a major departure from the linear slide model of presentation that predates computers. Through a notion of domain-specific vocabularies visualization components that are matched to information needs either manually through best practices or automatically via cognitive learning we provide uAuthor, a tool to create a network of briefing components described in an XML meta-language, BriefM. The next innovation is to provide an interactive briefing agent, called uExchange, which both the briefer and the audience run on their own machines. Different audience members can see their own view of the doc. Briefings can be annotated with uExchange, so that the briefing is a living document available that records the thought process and any decisions from the community exposed to the briefing. Vocabularies can be designed that are specific to the Army, Navy, companies, industries, and so on, to provide standard and proven components as the basis of all briefings.