Adaptive Agile Multi-Spectral Laser Protection Devices

Period of Performance: 08/22/2007 - 10/05/2009


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Kent Optronics, Inc.
275 Martinel Dr. Suite W
Kent, OH 44240
Principal Investigator


In this SBIR Phase II Program, two prototypes of multi-spectral laser protection devices will be developed for protecting a group of cameras used in the Air Force Flight Test Center from being damaged/jammed by multi-wavelength high-energy lasers during weapon test & evaluation. The devices also provide with much-needed protection for military sensors against hostile high-energy laser, which is a serious and urgent yet un-solved issue facing the U.S. military. The prototypes consist of a multi-pixel narrow band tunable notch filter and controlling electronics. The devices reject up to three laser lines simultaneously with either sub-regional (spatial) or angular selective protection capability. They provide with the maximum protection yet cause the minimum disturbance to the camera operation. The main specifications of the devices are (a) > 3 notch optical density, (b) 104 nm/s notch wavelength tuning speed, (d) 60-100 nm notch bandwidth, and (e) 0-70oC operation temperature. The devices are compact, lightweight, and low cost.