Very Small Injection Technology (V-SInTech) Demo

Period of Performance: 11/30/2007 - 05/28/2009


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

JM Harwood, LLC
4045 French Oak Ct.
St. Charles, MO 63304
Principal Investigator


JM Harwood, LLC proposes the demonstration of a very small, light weight, auto-ignition diesel using JM Harwood s proprietary Very Small Injection Technology (V-SInTech) direct fuel injection system. The V-SInTech direct fuel injection system eliminates the need for a heavy, high pressure fuel pump and injector. It provides a compact solution for producing fine atomization and the timely, accurate injection necessary for efficient diesel engine operation. JM Harwood proposes the modification of an O.S. Engines FS-120 4-stroke engine into a 14:1 compression ratio, auto-ignition diesel for purposes of demonstration. The Phase I effort will conduct the detailed design and analysis of the V-SInTech integration into the modified engine, in addition to the detailed design and analysis of the engine modification. The fabrication of the V-SInTech injector will begin during the Phase I Option for an initial functional and performance test during the first part of Phase II. This will enable a Phase II demonstration of Very Small Heavy Fuel (VSHF) engine.