Piezoelectric Step and Repeat Hydraulic Motor

Period of Performance: 07/08/1999 - 06/10/2000


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Dynamic Structures & Materials, LLC
205 Williamson Square
Franklin, TN 37064
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

University of California Los Angeles
11000 Kinross Avenue, Suite 211
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Institution POC


Proposed is the development of a hybrid piezoelectric "step and repeat" hydraulic motor to provide high levels of work over relatively low frequency bands. The principal design concept is to use the high power capabilities of PZT stack actuators operating at very high frequencies to move a transmission fluid that provides the required force and stroke to the load. Since the frequency response of mechanical check valves can greatly limit the cycle rate of PZT pumps, DSM and their partner institution, UCLA Active Materials Lab, will focus on hybrid actuation concepts that are valveless or use simple spring mass valve systems to provide very quick response. The valveless operation has a reduced level of moving parts and reduced system complexity. The hybrid actuation scheme uses the "step and repeat" PZT motor concept with mechanical interference to provide high force and rapid response time with a friction free operation.