Novel Optical Fiber Grating Based Radiation Sensors

Period of Performance: 08/06/1998 - 02/05/1999


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

D-star Technologies, Inc.
725 33rd Street
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Principal Investigator
Firm POC

Research Institution

University of Southern California
3720 S. Flower Street, 325
Department of Contracts
Los Angeles, CA 90089
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We propose to develop technology for a new generation of ultra-compact, low-cost fiber sensors for detecting gamma- and x-rays. Long-period gratings embedded in a fiber will couple light between the fiber core and a special sensitized fiber cladding. We will investigate the most advantageous grating geometries for such sensors. The fundamental design of a fiber grating based sensor array will be demonstrated using photoemulsion as the radiation sensitizer. The ruggedness of optical fibers will allow the sensors to be embedded in vehicles and structures. The wavelength selectivity of fiber gratings will be used to fabricate arrays of sensors deployed along a single fiber. A single fiber will be able to measure the three dimensional distribution of a radiation field. We will also develop imaging software to take advantage of the multi-dimensional capabilities of sensor arrays. The ability to mass produce such sensors will enable a multitude of applications, both defense related and commercial, ranging from radiation detection in harsh environments to distributed remote networks of sensors to medical applications.