Novel Power Transfer, Actuation, Sensing, and Control Design for Mesoscale Smart Structures

Period of Performance: 12/22/1995 - 11/21/1996


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Omnitek Research & Development, Inc.
96 Schermerhorn St, Suite 7D
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Principal Investigator

Research Institution

Polytechnic University of New York
Six MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Research and developemnt of completely integrated structures with embeed sensors, actuators, signal processing and control hardware have recved increased attention in the past few years. Different electroactivmaterials are being considered as sensors and actuators. In the propod effort, we mainly consider piezoelectric ceramics. Much success haseen reported on utilization of piezoceramics for active damping and viation isolation in laboratory testbeds. However, applications in realilitary systems are not realizable at the time being due to the fact tt more robust designs are needed. To this end, a complete integrations necessary. One of the major difficulties is the issue of power. Its the purpose of the proposed effort to address the issue of powering nsors and actuators within an integrated structure. This is addressedhrough electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, wireless communicationetween sensors and actuators are considered. We are also proposing toevelop new piezoceramic based actuators to achieve larger displacementand better sensors. Finally, robust multivariable control systems wilbe considered to achieve a complete smart structure. The feasibility the proposed effort will be performed during the Phase I effort. The primary source of degradation of operational performance in many mitary and commercial machines and devices is the flexibility of the stcture and the mechanical elements used in their construction. This isndeed the case with every production machinery used in industry such aprobes, lead bonders, X-ray lithography systems, etc. The advocated pzoceramic sensors and actuators and their associated control systems m be utilized i active damping of these devices. However, it is essentl that completely integrated systems be developed as alluded to above.