Graphical Imaging of Waste or Contaminant Flow for Environmental Monitoring System Design

Period of Performance: 09/26/1994 - 04/28/1995


Phase 1 STTR

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Technos, Inc.
3333 N.W. 21st Street
Miami, FL 33142
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Research Institution

Florida Atlantic University
777Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431
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The site characterization process at hazardous waste sites encompassess a wide range of professional disciplines and generates an enourmous amount of data. The ability to synthesize this data has been the objective of both government and commercial concerns. However, even with existing advancements in computer and software technologies, these efforts have not been completely successful. The objective of this work is to develop a state-of-the-art software system specifically adapted to managing, evaluating, analyzing and graphically presenting the multi-component, multi-phase data necessary for proper site characterization of hazardous waste sites. The software system would be graphic-based and specifically designed for handling geologic, hydrologic, and contaminant data. Although graphics is the final product of much of the site characterization effort, graphic display of data should be available at anytime within the system. Graphical imaging techniques play critical roles in data analyses, pre-processing and integrating data. The graphic capabilities are used as a tool to facilitate many system functions, such as evaluation of the adequacy of data, providing a means of QC/QA of the data, and integrating and analyzing data. The ability to present vast amounts of different data types in a graphical format allows the user to quickly assimilate information about a site. Anticipated Benefits: The proposed graphic-based site characterization software system would provide a significant advancement in the process of site charaterization at hazardous waste sites. Improved site characterization software system is needed by a wide variety of government and commercial concerns working within the environmental industry. This software system will function equally well for a simple commercial landfill or a DOE radioactive site. This system will also be a vital component of the Expedited Site Characterization (ESC) Process now being advocated by DOE