Electromagnetic Imaging Techniques for Early Cancer Detection

Period of Performance: 09/06/1994 - 03/06/1995


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Spectra Research, Inc.
2790 Indian Ripple Road
Dayton, OH 45440
Principal Investigator

Research Institution

University of Florida
339 Weil Hall
Gainsville, FL 32611
Institution POC

Research Topics


S*R proposes to utilize unique electromagnetic scattering and image processing algorithms in an RF/Microwave scanner to develop a low cost, low resolution, medical imaging system capable of detecting very small (approximately 1 mm diameter) cancerous tumors in the breast. This early detection capability will substantially reduce the fatality rate of these cancers. In Phase I, S*R proposes to research and develop two parts of this solution by focusing on computationally efficient algorithm development. The first part of the solution is the development of electromagnetic computationally efficient algorithms to permit on to perform parametric studies to define the performance and design parametric studies to define the performance and design requirements of an RF/Microwave imaging system. The second part will be a review of the existing image processing and visualization research will be performed by the University of Florida Centr for Computer Vision and Visualization (CCVV). The results of both efforts will provide the inputs necessary for a simulation of the Rf/Microwave imaging system. Each of these initiatives are briefly described in the following paragraphs.