A Model-Driven Architecture-based Common Specification Method for Data Flow Graph Exchange

Period of Performance: 06/24/2003 - 02/28/2004


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

MPI Software Technology, Inc.
101 S. Lafayette #33
Starkville, MS 39759
Principal Investigator
Firm POC

Research Institution

Vanderbilt University
2400 Blackmore Ave
Nashville, TN 37212
Institution POC


This Phase I proposal emphasizes the feasibility investigation of a vendor independent specification method capable of becoming an industry standard and mapping tools such as Adapter and Semantic Translator for exchanging models between varied data flow generation tools. Phase II would subsequently involve the enhancement of the specification into an industry standard, definition of DFI standard compliance, and the implementation of mapping tools for the leading data flow tools to demonstrate interoperability. Expected Phase I deliverables are the prototype Common Specification, website for the specification maintained by MPI Software Technology Inc., report on feasibility investigation of mapping tools and a final report summarizing the activities performed, achievements and future course of action. The efforts in Phase II will be focused towards converting the specification generated in Phase I into the industry standard DFI by means of enhancements to specification, definition of DFI standard compliance, and implementation of the standard to demonstrate model interoperability. The implementation of standard will involve developing mapping tools for at least two data flow generation tools and development of the Common Model Repository. The Phase II effort might also involve designing/developing a Tester aimed at testing DFI compliance of data flow tools. This effort will allow multiple dataflow programs encoded with different productivity tools to be interchanged efficiently, and be combined at the modeling level.