Automated Variance Reduction for Radiation Transport Calculations in Complex Geometries

Period of Performance: 03/15/2005 - 09/15/2005


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Radiative Solutions, LLC
DBA Radion Technologies, 6659 Kimball Drive, Suite
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Principal Investigator


Radiation effects play a critical role in the performance and reliability of MDA systems. Recognizing this, radiation transport simulations are widely performed throughout the product design cycle. While Monte Carlo is widely used for these simulations, computational times can be excessive unless sophisticated variance reduction methods are employed. However, this process can be extremely difficult and time consuming, and must be performed for each separate location in the model where a solution is desired. Radion Technologies and Raytheon have developed unique and complimentary technologies which, when coupled together, can provide an automated, CAD based process for the generation of sophisticated importance maps for Monte Carlo variance reduction. In Phase 1, a proof-of-concept process will be developed and subsequently validated on a represenative MDA system. Success will be evaluated based on the reduction in user-time and improvements in computational speed relative to existing practices. If successful, this research will lead to a product which can substantially augment analysis productivity, and has the potential to improve MDA system performance and reduce product time-to-market.