Metal Matrix Composite Insensitive Munitions Technology

Period of Performance: 09/12/2005 - 03/12/2006


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.
The Millennium Centre Array
Triadelphia, WV 26059
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Principal Investigator

Research Institution

Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Sponsored Programs 0170
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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The overall objective of the proposed effort is to develop a solid rocket motor case based on metal matrix composites that will support compliance with insensitive munitions (IM) requirements while maintaining or increasing rocket motor performance. The Phase I effort will focus on developing physics-based models and designs of IM-compliant metal matrix composite solid rocket motor cases. Phase II activities will further demonstrate and validate the model predictions and IM case technology developed in Phase I and address scaling issues. During Phase III, the technology and methods developed during the prior phases will be implemented into solid rocket motors that are required to be IM compliant.