High Efficiency Motor Controller for Electric Vehicles

Period of Performance: 07/06/1994 - 12/28/1994


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Axiom Technology International Corp.
1893 W. New Haven Avenue, #157
Melbourne, FL 32904
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and new state regulations are requiring greater electric vehicle usage, techniques are required to make their operation more efficient. One method is to improve the efficiency of the motor controller. This may be accomplished by incorporating the latest component technologies into innovative circuit topologies. Axiom technology international proposes to design a MOS-Controlled Thyristor motor controller. Coupling this technology with a four quadrant motor controller which peforms regenration during vehicle braking efficiency. The approach will be proven out in Phase I by performing a preliminary design and defining the required experiments and proper testing strategy. Simulations will be run to predict performance. Based upon the results, Phase II will proceed with prototyping and integration into a test vehicle. The benefits are obvious, further vehicle travel distance from a single charge and longer life from the batteries based upon mileage. Anticipated Benefits: A high efficiency motor controller has wide spread use in many applications. They are especially applicable in areas like Magnetically levitated trains, electric trains, and subways, in addition to electric vehicles. The controller would be applicable in virtually any motor control application.