Quiet, Efficient, High Power-Density Integrated Motor/Propulsor (IMP) and Controller

Period of Performance: 03/14/2006 - 09/14/2006


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Kwm,llc (kuhlmann-wilsdorf Motors)
2600 Barrack Road, Apt. 278
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Principal Investigator


A quiet, high power-density Motor/Propulsor and Controller shall be developed, based on the recently invented "multipolar" design. This is a homopolar machine that permits many "turns" per rotor. Hence, for any given size and power, the machine voltage/current combination may be chosen almost at will. Multipolar machines may be interchangeably operated as a motor or generator, in air or immersed in water. They can be scaled from several kW to tens of MW, and may interchangeably be operated with DE, AC or three-phase current, if desired switchable. They are easily controlled and large multipolars may be used alternatively or simultaneously as one or more motors, generators, transformers and/or heaters. Their basic construction is simple, especially if used with permanent magnets, and they have a potentially very high power to weight ratio, decreasing with size to below 1 lbs/hp = 0.6kg/kW. Therefore their cost per unit of power is expected to be exceptionally low. Further, multipolars are electrically and acoustically very quiet and deliver a toque that is independent of rotation speed. Like typical homopolar machines, multipolars require many electrical brushes, BUT these are located outside of the magnetic field, are easily accessible and readily replaceable. In the present proposed effort the multipolar design shall be demonstrated in accordance with the solicitation N04-123.