Human Accommodation Analysis via an Integrated COGNET-Jack (CoJack) Tool

Period of Performance: 12/10/1999 - 05/10/2000


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

CHI Systems, Inc.
2250 Hickory Road Suite 150
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


An integration is proposed of a cognitive modeling tool (COGNET) and a graphic human modeling tool (Jack) in order to produce a general human simulation capability (CoJack). CoJack will enable human models to be easily inserted into CAD representations of complex system designs in order to support thorough evaluations of human accommodation at the individual, team, and population levels. Such simulation-based design evaluations are necessitated by the dramatically reduced costs and manning requirements which new Navy ships must achieve, and which in turn require radical redesign of working and living spaces. While good graphic human models (GHMs) are currently available, these GHMs are difficult and costly to employ for thorough accommodation analyses involving complex behaviors because of the low level of control that the analyst must exercise over the model (e.g., in describing body postures and movements for dealing with physical obstacles, such as in machinery maintenance). CoJack will provide a powerful tool to facilitate comprehensive human accommodation assessments through a high level, goal-oriented specification of the cognitive controls of GHM behaviors along with tools for population sampling and performance data analysis. CoJack will provide a complete analysis toolset for simulation-based assessment of human cognitive and physical accommodation. CoJack will provide a highly usable general purpose modeling toolset for conducting a broad range of human accommodation analyses (i.e., physical and cognitive ergonomics) for complex systems. Applications to all manned DoD weapons systems (aircraft and both surface and subsurface ships) are envisioned as well as to the commercial analogues of these platforms.