Advanced Opposed Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Demonstration

Period of Performance: 02/14/2000 - 08/14/2000


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Power & Energy International, Inc.
2020 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Our objective is to design the OP research engine "The Demonstrator" for developing the Horizontal Opposed Piston (HOP) 2-cycle design for military vehicles. The HOP concept is superior to the Vertical Opposed Piston (VOP) design produced in this country for vehicle installation, because of its low silhouette. The "Demonstrator", is to be fabricated in Phase II to conduct operational testing. Phase I effort will include a layout design of a 123 x 127-mm configuration (PEI Basic HOP) using commercial power cylinder parts. Common rail fuel injection, sensor ports for cylinder pressure transducer, therocouple and gas sampling probes, etc. will be incorporated in the design. Advanced instrumentation for measuring piston temperature will be researched and applied if practical. Additional swirl, scavenging, and combustion optimization per Computational Combustion and Fluid Dynamics (CCFD) will be continued in R&D phases. Cycle simulation and classical design analysis will be performed and design report will be prepared in Phase I and Phase I-Option. Commercial power cylinder components will be modified and applied to attain a power density of 200 HP/cylinder. Other structural engine parts will be designed and stressed for the 300 HP/cylinder. Component and combustion R&D phases are planned in order to reach the 250 HP/cylinder objective power level with sufficient durability. BENEFITS: Using the HOP concept, a state-of-the-art domestic diesel design suitable for combat vehicles becomes very feasible. The concept will be validated in Phase II's initial testing of the research engine. The component development and combustion optimization project will be further developed in the later R&D phase to be proposed. Based on PEI's design methodology, a versatile and durable research engine will be delivered in Phase II. Commercially available components will be modified and incorporated to minimize the initial cost. The 2-cycle engines (including the VOP design) have been losing their market share over the last few years. The advanced HOP design and its overall simplicity, and low engine silhouette could regain some of that market share. Due to the uniflow OP design, the mixing is quite unique and the combustion is efficient due to the strong swirl available. These characteristics could allow the HOP design to regain the market position of the 2-cycle diesel for those applications where design simplicity and lower initial cost are important to the client.