Gate Oxide for High Speed GaAs IC Circuits

Period of Performance: 11/29/1999 - 07/18/2000


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Ovation Industries, Inc.
300 First Street N. E.
Rochester, MN 55906
Principal Investigator


We propose to take the first steps in demonstrating a new class of high frequency FETs by demonstrating a gate oxide for GaAs and InP MOSFETs. In this work, Gallium based oxides will be grown by MBE using a specially developed effusion cell that is uniquely capable of high temperature operation in the presence of oxygen. In addition, a new type of atomic oxygen source will be employed that does not damage the semiconductor-Oxide interface. We will use this new MBE technology to (1) optimize the nucleation of oxide on GaAs and InP, (2) grow bulk oxide films with a bandgap in excess of 4.5eV, (3) and produce oxide films that possess good interface properties and a low residual conductivity. The materials will be characterized using techniques including ellipsometry, Photoluminscence, C-V, and I-V measurements as a function of temperature. In addition, a new type of MBE system that is uniquely suited to the high quality growth of gate oxides on III-V semiconductors will also be designed during this Phase I effort.