Multi-Mission Rigid Penetrator Warhead

Period of Performance: 05/13/1999 - 11/13/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Custom Analytical Engineering Systems
13000 Tensor Lane, NE
Flintstone, MD 21530
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


The objectives of this proposed Phase I SBIR effort are to develop the deign methods, manufacturing approaches, and establish preliminary performance estimates for a warhead consisting of multiple rigid penetrator segments that can be selectively deployed as a single monolythic penetrator, a column of separated penetrator sections, or a dispersed distribution of rigid penetrator segments. The effort involves analyses and design activities aimed at developing the warhead structure to achieve controlled variations in dispense patterns by sequencing and timing separation of penetrator segment packs along the length of the penetrator and by bursting each penetrator segment pack to impart a radial velocity to the individual segments. Successful development of this rigid penetrator warhead provides capability of achieving required effectiveness against a broader spectrum of targets using a single warhead, and offers the potential for selecting or altering the warhead deployment configuration to maximize its effectiveness against a specific target that may be encountered while in flight.