Development and Implementation of a Lightweight/Durable Aluminum MMC Track System for the AAAV

Period of Performance: 04/21/1999 - 10/21/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc.
699 Hertel Ave., Suite 290
Buffalo, NY 14207
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc (ART) is currently proposing the Development and Implementation of a Lightweight/Durable Aluminum MMC Track System for the AAAV. ART, teaming with Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) at Michigan Technological University is in an excellent position to supply an track system which meets the AAAV program office needs. ART is currently in the final stages of completing a lightweight MMC track system design (52 pounds/ft) for the M2 Bradley. It will be a direct replacement for their current T157I track system, but with a weight reduction of 25% and a doubling of track life (6000 miles). Shoe strength and wear are significantly enhanced utilizing selective SiC whisker reinforcement and high pressure squeeze casting. Shoe life is enhanced through improved shoe design and rubber components. It is proposed to leverage the technology and track design developed under this program to optimize a track system for the AAAV. Both single and double-pin track systems will be addressed to meet the weight requirements. This effort will commence by reviewing the requirements of the current track design and identifying changes/improvements which are not constrained by the AAAV. It is envisioned that the shoe body, track pins, track pad, and bushing sleeves can be lightened compared to the M2 track. Based on these considerations, the ART/KRC team feels confident that a track system can de developed in phase I and fabricated in Phase II meeting a 3000 mile track life, 42-45 pounds/ft weight (30% reduction compared to steel), and 21 inch width.