Air Deployed Chemical and Biologic Sensor

Period of Performance: 04/22/1999 - 10/22/1999


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Navmar Applied Sciences Corp.
65 West Street Road Array
Warminster, PA 18974
Principal Investigator

Research Topics


This SBIR proposes the development of an expendable sonobuoy-like "system" for forward placement/standoff detection of CheniicaL/Biological(CB)agents. Variants of the system may provide affordable monitors for commercial CB detection applications. The technical objective is to formulate a design concept and demonstrate the feasibility of deploying and housing new or advanced CB sensors in an air-deployed expendable CB sensor system. The program goal is to develop a system to obtain real time, CB data in forward areas such as amphibious landings, battlefield positions, or vacated/dewstroyed enemy positions and telemeter the information via novel monitioring techniques to the on-scene aircraft or satellites for integration into a Network Centric Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) architecture. The latest command and control processes and mechanism for rapid automated battle space awareness will be implemented. A system design concept providing flexibility through modular packaging, method of deployment and implantment, autonomous operation, data storage, processing and monitoring is proposed. Novel system techniques will include deployment and implanting, sensor layout and packing, sensor configuration and chamber orientation, tactical employment (number of sensors required for each area search), wind velocity and direction sensor, dual telemetry and antenna plus growth potential for seismic and acoustic detection sensors. BENEFITS: Successful development of an affordable sonobuoy-type expendable CB sensor will dramatically increase the warfighters survivability and early warning in a potential CB environment. Commercial market potential covers all CB aspects of civil defense, domestic and foreign terrorists. Units could he made available for schools, subways, airports and other commercially visited sites by the U.S. population.